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Test Network, Part 2

After the initial setup described in the first post, it was time to bring in a professional to install the gateway. That was followed by a spectral analysis and some preliminary range testing.
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What’s the network good for?

Low power, long range networks purpose-built for the Internet of Things are relatively new. It’s therefore interesting to see how people and network operators in other countries are planning to use them. Applications are mostly similar but the...
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Test Network, Part 1

Probably the most exciting bit about setting up a test network is playing with actual stuff– hardware, green LEDs, and wires. The more serious aspect is to get a hands-on understanding of running a LoRaWAN network and the big question- just how...
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“IoT” is best term amongst worse options

IoT or Internet of Things is a really poor term but will continue to be used given all the other options are even worse. This is an unfortunate reality.
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Microinteractions and IoT

Microinteractions make a good product great. They can’t make a bad product good but, with the Internet of Things (IoT) being all about physical objects in our everyday lives, microinteractions are the difference between being locked out of your...
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IoT challenges for NZ

New Zealand has much to gain from the Internet of Things. There are some good things happening- much of it not well reported in mainstream media which continues to be fascinated by Internet fridges and driverless cars. The Internet of Things remains mostly...
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