Integrating with AllThingsTalk



Setting Up AllThingsTalk To Work With KotahiNet

  1. Register at AllThingsTalk with your email address and a chosen User ID and password.
  2. AllThingsTalk Maker organises “members” and “devices” in Grounds, a way to manage things and data access.
  3. To connect your Kit in a Ground, choose the ‘Connect your hardware’ tile. Click ‘Connect a device’.
  4. In the ‘LoRaWAN™ devices’ section Choose ‘LoRaWAN™ Rapid Development Kit’. Fill in the required identification fields with the LoRaWAN ™ Keys that KotahiNet will provide you for each of your devices- DevEUI, DevAddr, NwkSKey and AppSKey.
  5. You’re all set.