Ready To Go Devices

These end devices come integrated with a LoRaWAN communications node and are pre-configured to work with our network. They can be included in your own IoT solution or as a part of ours. Data from sensors is transmitted immediately using our LoRaWAN network to any Internet destination you specify.

All these devices are powered by an internal battery. Simply switch them on and start getting data. Optionally, the data can be visually displayed as graphs, mapped and trigger notifications.

There’s many more devices available globally. Contact us for anything you want to measure not listed below or for developing a custom hardware solution.


Liquid/Solid Level

Lidar Distance Measurement

Lidar 4m sensor

Nitrates in Water

nitrate sensor

River Water Quality

River Quality Monitor

Air Quality (PM, others)

Air quality monitor s

Soil Moisture, Temperature, EC

Soil 3in1 s

Remote Valve Operation

bermad-200 s

Temperature, Humidity

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

GPS Location- People

GPS Location- Objects

Battery Voltage


Smart Electricity Meter

Remote Water Meter (Zenner)



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