Forestry Operations Mapping

Know Where Your People, Visitors, Vehicles, and Machinery Are

No matter how remote your forestry operations, benefits include increased efficiency, improved situational awareness, better health & safety, and more security.

  • Real-time GPS mapping of people and assets
  • Person can press “SOS” button to summon help
  • Use geofences to receive notifications when people or vehicles enter or exit a zone
  • Get alerts when gates open or assets are moved
  • Private wireless network- no cellular or expensive satellite coverage required
  • Optionally, continue tracking across KotahiNet’s national wireless network
  • Customise maps to your requirements as a standalone operations system or integrate real-time GPS data with your forestry management system

GPS Trackers

GPS tracker

Personal Tracker

Location Tracking

Asset Tracker


GPS trackers are typically $150-$200 each and have a life of 5-10 years. Personal Trackers have a rechargeable battery lasting a few weeks while Asset Trackers have replaceable batteries that last 3-5 years, depending on settings.

The private wireless network cost depends on how large the area is and topography. Typically, the one-time cost can be a few thousand dollars for 1-2 gateways (base stations) to tens of thousands of dollars for larger areas.

Monthly operating costs depends on the number of trackers, map customisation, and running the wireless network. The total monthly cost is a small fraction of using cellular or satellites.

It is possible to start small and grow coverage/GPS trackers over time.

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