New Product Guide

Building a new connected product or service? Here’s our guide to things to know and think about to get you started.

1. Value Proposition

Connected products are expensive to make and require considerable time, skills and effort. Connectivity is an enabler of benefits, not an end in itself. A clear value proposition is therefore critical. Focus on the problem rather than the specific solution. There’s lots of good resources on the Web, including from Ironpaper and HBR.

2. Learning Approach

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, an iterative learning approach is essential. The Lean Startup Methodology has become standard for many. Hardware startups are different from software ones. They have all the same challenges and lots more.

3. Prototyping Phase

It’s never been easier to go from sketching out an idea to prototyping it. Having a tangible, end-to-end working product or service is a great way to accelerate the learning process. If you’re happy to tinker with hardware, great. If not, consider using our sensors so you can focus on the problem and data.

4. Be Design-Led

Design thinking can provide guidance to your efforts. It is also never too early to think about how you intend to tackle known issues with connected products and services- security, privacy and interoperability.


During the prototyping phase you will need to think about the best way to connect your product or service. If it’s to a mobile phone, there are a number of options available such as Bluetooth Low Energy.

For the rest, connecting to the Internet requires some sort of wireless network. The right solution depends on looking atĀ options actually available in the geographical area, total costs, how much data needs to be transferred, power demand placed on the connected object, and the distance of the connected object.

Sometimes hybrid networks provide a good option.

KotahiNet’s network is a carrier-grade national network purpose-built for connected products and services. It provides both long range and long battery life. If that’s right for your connected product or service, get in touch. We want to help you succeed.