More network use cases

More network use cases

After a slightly European look at what low power, long range networks are good for, an American view is provided by hardware supplier Link Labs.

They have published a white paper (free registration required to download) that describes seven use cases where they are seeing traction:

  • Outdoor Lighting Controls
  • Parking Sensors
  • Security Access and Control
  • Smart Grid and Demand Response
  • Logistics and Asset Tracking
  • Water Metering and Leak Detection
  • Irrigation Management

Five thoughts from my perspective:

  1. Benefits from many use cases are only available when there are city-wide network deployments.
  2. Using a private network or gateway makes sense in some cases, for example smart parking in a privately operated parking building is different from city-wide street parking.
  3. Low power, long range networks are the obvious choice when sensors are battery operated. When a power line is available, connectivity options are wider.
  4. Each use case has its own unique challenges. Each also requires considering the wider context and business outcomes.
  5. Low power, long range networks are perhaps most challenged where low latency (less than one second) is required.


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