Private LoRaWAN Networks

LoRaWAN is an open specifications network. This sets it apart from other low-power IoT networks like Sigfox, which is wholly proprietary, and cellular networks like NB-IOT which require licensed radio spectrum. You can now choose to build and operate your own private LoRaWAN network.

It is your very own private and secure Wide Area Network for the low-power Internet of Things operating on free, public frequencies.

These networks aren’t like regular Internet or mobile networks. They have to be carefully designed and operated to get network coverage, reliability, and security.

You can now benefit from KotahiNet’s unique experience and expertise for:

  • Network design
  • Equipment selection
  • Network and application server (a critical component)
  • Network installation and commissioning
  • Device selection and procurement
  • Data management
  • Applications and integration
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Training

KotahiNet is able to take on single point responsibility to get your private LoRaWAN network up and running as well as getting the most from the data. Whether it is hardware, software, network, data, or applications, we can either provide it or get it from the right sources and integrate it. This will give you speed, minimise risk, and maximise the benefits for your Internet of Things business goals.

Get going

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