The LoRaWAN network trial below was successful. We have increased our collaboration with Bluesky Cook Islands and now provide LoRaWAN network connectivity for devices throughout the island of Rarotonga.


What’s happening?

We have tied up with Bluesky Cook Islands to offer a purpose-built, public wireless network for real-time data from the physical world (“Internet of Things”) in the Cook Islands, starting with Rarotonga.

Currently, people can test the network and connect a few sensors or smart devices for free.


Initially, coverage is across the north of Rarotonga. This will be extended to the whole island and then other parts of Cook Islands.


The network is based on the open model adopted by the LoRa Alliance called LoRaWAN. It is the same technology used by KotahiNet in New Zealand. The only difference is that the New Zealand network operates at 865 MHz while the Cook Islands follows the EU 868 MHz specification.


The network is purpose-built for sensors and other smart devices which send data as small messages. It enables these devices to connect over long distances yet have a battery life of 5-10 years. The network does not transport data requiring large bandwidth such as voice, pictures or video.

Check out the usage examples for ideas and the wide variety of industries that can benefit.

Sensors, end devices

The network is bi-directional, i.e. it works both for sending data from sensors to the Internet as well as data/commands to end devices.

Sensors and end devices can be purchased from any global supplier as long as it meets the LoRaWAN EU 868 specification. KotahiNet also has a range of sensors and connected products ready to work with the network.

Getting the data

Real-time data from the physical world provided by sensors and other end devices is available in two ways. First, as a stream of data to any destination on the Internet. Second, by using APIs in which case KotahiNet will process, store, and make granular data available using a cloud service. The latter is priced higher due to the additional resources required.

Getting started

When you’re ready to connect or buy sensors or connected products, email us or use the contact form. We are happy to help as well as get you started quickly.

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