Press Release 3: IoT Network now in Auckland, Dunedin, Napier

KotahiNet, the company behind a new wireless network for the “Internet of Things”, has expanded connectivity to central Auckland, Dunedin and Napier.

In February KotahiNet launched in Wellington and today’s announcement shows it’s on track achieve a national roll-out in 12 cities and regions by June 2016.

The network carries data to and from sensors and other connected objects – the so called Internet of Things. This allows the use of battery operated sensors with 5-10 years battery life. The network provides secure and low cost coverage over long distances – up to 30 km line of sight.

The roll-out includes partnerships with regional wireless internet providers for rural and remote parts of the country.

The vision of KotahiNet founder Vikram Kumar is to help unlock the benefits of smart products and services that operate in the physical world. These services use real-time data, collective intelligence, and analytics.

As a first step towards this, KotahiNet is rolling out a national wireless network specifically for the Internet of Things. It provides a platform for businesses, local bodies and government to build their smart services and innovation. The opportunities have caught the attention of corporate customers, startups, and city councils.

Vikram Kumar says establishing the network also allows KotahiNet to build its own suite of smart services.

“There’s huge opportunity in the primary sector such as farming, forestry and fisheries,” he says.

“We’re working with people who are experts in these areas. Combining their knowledge with real-time data allows for new services that cut costs, increase efficiency, and create new business models.”

To make it easier and quicker for businesses and government to build smart services, KotahiNet offers to take on the complexity of sensors and network integration. This allows software developers to concentrate on building apps and services based on data from sensors provided by KotahiNet.


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  1. Leigh Roberts

    Great to see some more cities getting access. Looking forward to seeing some case studies of the network in action.

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