Second Gateway

Second Gateway

My first impression of our second gateway, the MultiTech Conduit, is just how small it is. In the photograph, it’s about a third of a standard desktop keyboard. It’s even smaller than my home broadband modem.

Here’s three ways I found it to be different than our first gateway on first look:

  1. It’s an indoor unit as opposed to Kerlink’s outdoor installation. I understand MultiTech’s outdoor units are coming really soon.
  2. The MultiTech has a LoRaWAN network server built in. That offers interesting edge computing possibilities in the future but right now needs a bit of workaround to operate only as a packet forwarder.
  3. It has no GPS. That’s a clear drawback as it can’t operate Class B and C LoRaWAN devices out of the box. I know that is being addressed but not when.

Next Step

We’re going to test the Kerlink and MultiTech gateways for performance head to head. That should make for an interesting outcome.



  1. Stan. SWAN

    Perhaps let me know if you want some testing help!

    1. Vikram

      Thanks for the offer Stan

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