Businesses & Government Bodies


The Opportunity

The “Internet of Things” provides businesses and government bodies with opportunities to cut costs, increase efficiency, react quicker, and introduce new services. The impact of the Internet of Things will be bigger than the Internet so far. Organisations that operate in the physical world face huge challenges to understand this trend. Early movers are likely to be able to build a sustainable competitive advantage.


Monitoring and reducing electricity usage across multiple sites in India

Melbourne’s four pillars: rates, roads, rubbish and robots

What We Can Provide

  • Strategic and operational advice to take advantage of the Internet of Things for your organisation’s specific goals and positioning
  • Exploring second and third order business benefits from real-time data, including new business models
  • Integration of new real-time data with legacy data and IT systems
  • Educational and hands-on workshops for your staff to identify suitable opportunities
  • Scoping and implementation of a trial project
  • Complete solutions- hardware, software and networking- and management for your Internet of Things project

Next Steps

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