IoT Products and Services Developers


The Opportunity

Whether a large organisation or a start-up, developing an Internet of Things product or service is hard. Hardware is only one part. There is software and connectivity. Then there is data storage, processing and analytics. Most importantly, customer interactions and experience. Despite this, the market is just beginning to grow and the opportunities are immense.

Semtech’s LoRa wireless technology offers a very compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission. This means your sensors can now operate 5-10 years using standard batteries and transmit over 30 km line of sight. Using a LoRaWAN network, such as that provided by KotahiNet, gives a ready national footprint for your sensors and a potential global market.


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What We Can Provide

  • Strategic and hands-on advice in building Internet of Things products and services based on our own experience
  • Technical advice or outsourced development for your sensors to work with LoRa
  • Testing and radio certification
  • National wireless connectivity on a secure and reliable LoRaWAN network
  • Give your customers access to the real-time data stream and/or via APIs
  • Dashboards or visualisation of data from your sensors
  • Customer interfaces to sensor data online or apps or text messaging
  • Automation, including sending commands to devices or end nodes
  • Data analytics and predictive modelling
  • Outsourced operational management of all of the above
  • Marketing on our global, dedicated website

Next Steps

Check out our New Product Guide, Decision Framework, and the technical details of developing for KotahiNet’s network

Also check out our free connection offer, giving you the first 6 months of wireless connectivity at no cost

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