Managed Services Providers


The Opportunity

Providers of services in the “real” world have not yet fully benefited from the Internet so far. Service examples include horticultural spraying, security monitoring, building managers, waste management, logistics providers, and many more.

Service providers can benefit from the “Internet of Things” by getting real-time data from sensors, dashboards, automation, data analytics, predictive modelling, and remote service management. This provides opportunities to cut costs, increase efficiency, react quicker, and introduce new services.


Fish farm water quality monitoring in Vietnam

Preventive maintenance and efficient elevator operations by ThyssenKrupp

What We Can Provide

  • Strategic and operational advice to take advantage of the Internet of Things for your managed service
  • Exploring second and third order business benefits from real-time data, including new business models
  • Integration of new real-time data with legacy data and IT systems
  • Advice and collaboratively working out suitable opportunities
  • Scoping and implementation of a trial project
  • Modular or complete solutions as required: LoRaWAN network connectivity, pre-integrated sensors, complete products/services, dashboards, automation, data analytics, predictive modelling, and remote service management.

Next Steps

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