IoT Solutions


The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about data– getting it in real-time from the physical world, making sense of it, and acting on it.

We can provide an end-to-end solution tailored to your specific needs. Or, select only those components you require from below and we will integrate those with your system.


Hardware & Firmware

Select from:

Network Connectivity

Our public LoRaWAN network provides a robust and economical wireless solution across New Zealand. In some cases, a private LoRaWAN network could be a good option.

Data Storage and Processing

This is highly dependent on the specific use case. All data as well as metadata (information about the data) is stored in tables. Typically, data is also processed immediately, for example to determine if a set threshold level has been crossed or some control action is required. Immediate or historical data analytics unlocks insights and often uses typical big data tools.

Our solution for this component usually depends on the data visualisation and user interface requirements below.

Data Visualisation and User Interface

For simple time-series type of data (which currently is the majority of use cases), online graphs and maps are best. In addition, typically there are text message notifications when set thresholds are crossed as well as system notifications such as low sensor battery voltage or sensor malfunction. We have tie-ups with Sensormesh and myDevices to provide quick, highly economical and customisable solutions.

Where data or analytics is more complex, we work with experts to build a tailored solution using either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

In both simple and complex use cases, there is often an interface or API to send commands back to the sensor via KotahiNet’s LoRaWAN network. For example, the reporting time period may need to be varied or the end device rebooted or a security patch applied.

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