Where we’re at with IoT

Where we’re at with IoT

Couple of days ago I was talking to a person who works for a company providing technical advice and services to enterprise and large businesses. He commented that his clients seem to be moving from an “understanding” to “proof of concept” phase in IoT.

That seems to reflect the general state of IoT today globally. It is very much at an early adopter stage.

Certainly in the low-power market (LPWAN), Europe continues to lead with the US and some pockets of APAC following.

What’s the global view from other places about the broader IoT market? Check out the eight takeaways from the Internet For All staff from the recently concluded Internet of Things World 2017, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, USA. Here’s a summary:

1. Interest in IoT Hasn’t Slowed Down

2. IoT Industry is Starting to Focus on Customer Value

3. No One Can Do It Alone

4. Edge/Fog Computing is on the Rise

5. Use Cases are Still Expanding

6. Security is a Major Concern

7. AI is Becoming a Key Focus

8. Expect Continued Growth

On the last point of continued growth, they identified ten key areas that will drive growth in the Internet of Things: smart cars, intelligent transportation, smart buildings, connected homes, self-healthcare, smart cities, retail, manufacturing, energy grids, and agriculture 2.0. Notably, the last half are prime areas for LoRaWAN.


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